Penny on the Issues

Harris County is a diverse and growing County that has not yet reached its full potential. Expansion comes with opportunities and serious challenges. These are my primary focuses which I will fight for as commissioner. The health and well-being of our community will always be my top priority.

Political Integrity

Electing a candidate for commissioner with a proven track record of integrity and responsibility to the community is critically important. I will continue to prove my reliability and trustworthiness as your County Commissioner.

Comprehensive Flood Management, Preparedness and Recovery Plan

Harris County’s history of flooding is a warning of greater floods to come, according to climate experts. Harris County has yet to develop and implement a comprehensive county-wide flood management plan. Harris County has 22 major watersheds and is barely 50 ft. above sea level. Such a low-lying area requires systematic monitoring of development and dynamic changes in our region and planning with long-term goals in mind. This is a top priority for me because it potentially affects the safety and well-being of everyone living in our flood-prone region.

Sound Infrastructure for Mobility and Economy

Our roads, highways, and bridges are vital to our mobility and commerce demands. The unincorporated parts of Harris County are growing especially fast and they rely on experts and the Commissioners Court's sound judgement for effective and sustainable expansion.

Fair Justice System

The Commissioners Court has oversight of the County court system and judicial services. Every person in Harris County is affected by the justice system. Equal treatment under the law is basic to our constitution. Areas of the justice system like mental health assessment and the bail bond structure warrant special attention and I will work in tandem with the criminal justice and law enforcement officials to address these pervasive issues.

Inclusion in County Services and Contracts

I will fight for review and improvement in the County procurement process to promote inclusion and fairness for all County-funded work. Women-owned businesses, businesses guaranteeing livable wages and fair working conditions, and reputable companies will be treated equally.

Clean and Sustainable Environment

Harris County owns and occupies numerous facilities, all of which should have up-to-date safeguards for natural disasters and for surrounding communities. In addition, County Commissioners oversee the County Pollution Department, which has broad authority to enforce state and county environmental regulations. In expansion and improvement projects, I will advocate for and support plans that include community safeguards and sustainable practices.

Open-Door Policy

County Commissioners should be accessible to the community. This will lead to increased local government responsiveness and transparency. Most people are unaware of the significance of their Commissioners Court. I will make sure that community members have open and equal access to the Commissioners Court and a clear understanding of what we do for the community.

Livable Wages

Harris County employs thousands of people, from fire fighters to healthcare professionals. Harris County can lead the way in raising the bar from current wages to livable wages. Cutting excess spending and increasing county efficiency will allow for increased wages.

Strong Public Education for Every Family

Commissioner Court can increase funding for services to school districts that face steep shortfalls. The Court can also seek input from school officials as to how the County Education Department can better serve schools. I will look to educators and education professionals to find ways to improve our school systems for everyone.

Robust Services for Our Seniors

Currently Harris County’s programs for seniors focuses largely on field trips. Population growth, including our senior population, will require special planning in the areas of health and senior care. Our seniors need to know that their health and safety are a priority of the Harris County Agenda.

Pauper Care and Services

Commissioners Court is mandated to provide for people without any means of support. It seems that the number of homeless individuals has been rising. They need safe shelter, especially in deadly weather conditions such as floods and freezes which are expected to become increasingly severe. With a comprehensive approach and by harnessing community resources and partnerships, we will provide paths to self-sufficiency making Harris County a better home for everyone.