houston-chronicle-logo.png"She would give Latinas and women in general a voice that's been missing on the [Commissioners] Court", "The strongest candidate for Democrats hoping to defeat the incumbent commissioner." -Houston Chronicle
The Houston Chronicle is the largest daily newspaper in Houston, Texas, and it is the third-largest newspaper in the United States.

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Some of our endorsements include:

  • Houston Chronicle
  • Tejano Democrats
  • Area 5 Democrats
  • Asian American Democrats
  • The GLBT Caucus
  • Communications Workers of America
  • Houston Black American Democrats
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • Houston Stonewall Young Democrats
  • Sheet Metal Workers International Association
  • Harris County Young Democrats
  • Texas Organizing Project
  • The Greater Heights Democratic Club
  • Texas Progressive Executive Council
  • Run Sister Run Political Action Committee
  • Texas Coalition of Black Democrats
  • American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations, AFL-CIO


  • Ling Luo - Democratic Party National Delegate
  • Attorney Brooks Harrison
  • Mike Nichols
  • Timothy M. Clark
  • Dr. James Douglas - Texas Southern University

Precinct Chairs:

  • Marie Dobay - Precinct 189
  • Mary Morrison - Precinct 435
  • - Precinct 485
  • Shelley Kennedy - Precinct 006
  • Nelwyn Coffey - Precinct 041
  • Charlene Shafer - Precinct 054
  • Helena Dobay - Precinct 058
  • Lenora Sorola-Pohlman -Precinct 070
  • Mary Schlett - Precinct 071
  • Charlotte Reinemeyer- Precinct 073
  • Pamela Spivey- Precinct 074
  • Deniza Coleman - Precinct 083
  • Santana Perez - Precinct 086
  • Shedrick Baptiste - Precinct 108
  • Lori Hathaway - Precinct 110
  • Karen Wheaton - Precinct 552
  • Rose Salas - Precinct 575
  • Allen Cater - Precinct 587
  • Wesley Hart - Precinct 663
  • William Williams - Precinct 670
  • Thomas Eishen - Precinct 747
  • William Hunn - Precinct 776
  • Olga Moya - Precinct 823
  • Glenn Etienne - Precinct 828
  • Fred Infortunio - Precinct 926
  • Silvia Huerta - Precinct 961


"Penny Shaw is someone who has all the qualities needed to be an effective and responsive Harris County Commissioner for Precinct 4.  Her legal experience will allow her to bring knowledge and expertise on issues that come before the Commissioners Court.  Her passion for her community will assure a focus on what the constituents of Precinct 4 need.  Penny Shaw is someone who will make sure the issues are understood, the people are represented, and that funding is directed at the areas most in need of improvement or attention.  She is a person whom the people can support and know they will have a voice that will advocate for them.   I support Penny Shaw in her campaign for Harris County Commissioner for Precinct 4."
-Timothy M. Clark, Attorney

"I endorse Penny Shaw for County Commissioners Court for Precinct 4.  She is a dedicated Democrat who understands the need to improve infrastructure throughout the County.  I met Penny through Texas Democratic Women, where she serves as the chair of the Legislative Committee.  She has a clear understanding of how the legislative process effects  her neighbors."

-Mary Morrison, Precinct Chair 435
"I endorse Penny Shaw for County Commissioners Court for Precinct 4.  She is a dedicated democrat and a native Houstonian who brings fairness and her legal experience to bear on issues.  We need another democrat to serve on the Harris County Commissioners Court in order to ensure that more funds are dedicated to flood control, hospitals, alleviation of traffic by improving the highway infrastructure, as well as mental-health resources and senior-citizen care.  Let's elect Penny Shaw for County Commissioner Precinct 4 and allow her to be a voice for us."

-Marie Dobay, Precinct Chair of Precinct 189

Who's endorsing

gina ulfa tasik
Zakia Simmons
Shedrick Baptiste
Timothy M. Clark
Marie Dobay
Brooks Harrison
Mary Morrison
Mike Nichols
Ling Luo
Anonymous Area 5 Democrats
Anonymous Asian Americans Democratic Club
Anonymous Tejano Democrats

Will you endorse?