Meet Penny

More than ever, the people of Harris County need their tax dollars to work for them. Putting our community first is at the heart of my priorities. As Harris County Commissioner, I will tirelessly work to ensure that our community is at the forefront of County deliberations and decisions.

I intend on developing, leading, and pushing forward a comprehensive flood plan for Harris County to safeguard the homes and property of Harris County residents. I will enhance programs for senior citizens, practice transparent fiscal responsibility, and open the lines of communication between the Commissioner’s office and the community to ensure accountability and responsiveness. In doing so, I will ensure that tax dollars are used responsibly and benefit the community.


As an attorney for seventeen years working in multiple states, owner and administrator of three businesses, a U.S. congressional legislative advocate for six years, and a mother of four, I have successfully dealt with an array of issues locally and globally. These experiences have given me a unique and well-rounded understanding of how local governments in other major cities and states address community concerns, environmental issues, and economic challenges.

I will use this extensive experience to optimize county resources to serve the residents of Harris County. I am committed to working diligently and ethically to ensure that the Commissioners Court manages county business and resources consistent with our vision to benefit all county residents in a fair and non-partisan manner.

In the past, I have successfully worked alongside anti-human trafficking organizations in Texas to research and implement effective strategies and laws to protect Texan boys and girls from being trafficked. As a member of the Houston Volunteer Lawyers, my record of volunteer work defending community members in court has been honored and recognized for the past three years by the Texas Pro Bono Lawyer College.

Since 2015, I have been a Volunteer Deputy Registrar for Harris County helping to increase voter registration. I have been a member of the League of Women Voters (non-partisan) for six years and have lead the Mid-West Unit section in Houston. I have also assisted precinct judges during elections in order to facilitate and encourage civic engagement in Harris County.

Whether in the courtroom, on Capitol Hill, or as a local volunteer, I have been a strong and loyal advocate for community interests. I profoundly believe that there is no task that cannot be solved with careful and thoughtful consideration, while keeping the needs of the community front and center.


I'm a native Texan who resides and works right here in Houston. My father served in the United States Air Force before going to work for IBM Houston where he worked and retired after 35 years. My mother is a retired pharmacist technician and mother of seven children, all of whom work and/or live in Harris County.

I am a mother of four children who have all graduated or are currently attending college. My oldest daughter is a PHD student at Duke University, my oldest son is an engineering graduate that works for an information security company here in Houston and my two youngest children are attending college here in Houston.