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Oct. 22

Oct. 26

Nov. 2

Tuesday, Nov. 6

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"The strongest candidate for Democrats hoping to defeat the incumbent commissioner."houston-chronicle-logo.png

  • Latest from the blog

    Houston Chronicle - Newcomer Shaw looks to deny Cagle another term as Precinct 4 commissioner

    “I think it’s a matter of Commissioners Court not having very much oversight,” said Shaw, 52. “They conduct business in a way that may be adverse to the public interest, but because nobody’s watching and nobody’s checking up ... things go under the radar.”
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    Bayou Blue Democrats Interview Podcast

    "In this episode, the Democratic candidate for Harris County Commissioner for Precinct 4, Penny Shaw, talks about the position she is running for, and why it is so important to our community to elect a Democrat to this position!  In addition, she breaks down some of the responsibilities the office holds and how many everyday activities we may take for granted are actually affected by the purse stings controlled by the Commissioners Court. " -Bayoubluedems Listen in and learn more!
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  • Meet Penny

    Penny is running for Harris County Commissioner Court because she believes that the government that impacts us the most is the one closest to our front doors. She understands that the decisions made by the members of the Commission directly impact our quality of life.
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  • Position

    The Commissioners Court is the principal institution of the county government, so its role is a combination of judicial, legislative and executive functions. Its principal power is the power of the purse.
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  • Penny on the Issues

    Harris county is currently facing a variety of important issues. It is our responsibility to face these issues head on and resolve them properly. You can read up on the issues that this campaign aims to resolve by following the link below.
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